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Soap, Scrub, Rinse, Dry. Leave with a shine!

Our quick wash service is as simple as it intends to be. A simple soap, scrub, rinse, and dry routine only we make sure no spot is missed. 

First we get the entire body of the vehicle ready for the soap and scrub, by making sure all dirt and grime is visibly off.

Then we apply a soap and wax all over the vehicles body and begin to hand scrub.

After the soap and scrub we rinse everything down until all the soap is off the vehicle.

We finish the job by hand drying the vehicle with our towels and always leave the vehicle with our signature shine!

Unlike the premium wash this is for our clients who need more of a routine wash. We do not include engine bay and tires in this service.

Simple Pricing

Price is based on size and condition of the vehicle

You will get a more accurate price upon reaching out to us!





(Honda Accord/Mercedes CLA)



F-150/GMC Sierra


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