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Premium Wash

A high quality wash where we make sure to give you that Northwest Shine.

A Premium hand-wash with no swirls

This service is one of our favorite. There's something satisfying about washing a vehicle and bringing it back to its proper shine. We take our time, and produce better results than your regular $15 "premium wash" at the drive thru location.


If you are looking for a fast and cheap wash in the Willamette Valley, this option might not be suited for you. With our premium wash we go above and beyond to make sure we deliver a higher level quality of service and results.

Other than washing the exterior from daily dirt/grime, we go further. We make sure the rims are pristine, the tires are back to black, and get rid of any bugs that might be stuck at the front of the vehicle. 

Simple Pricing

Price is based on size and condition of the vehicle

You will get a more accurate price upon reaching out to us!





(Honda Accord/Mercedes CLA)



F-150/Ram 2500

$100 - $120

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